MGLTOKEN is your valuable digital asset

We protect money invested in ICOs and your credentials.



MGLTOKEN ICO is designed to make decentralized platform which only uses one balance to trade on markets like Forex, Crypto and Stock market. Also the platform provides high accuracy trading signals.


We will verify our net income with audit company and we aimed our annual return of active as 30-50%.


MGLTOKEN holders will receive signals and researches.


If token purchase is $2000 or above, there are 50% of discount on commission only using MGL All-in-One platform.


If we are not able to share profit, we will burn 80% of token at maximum of net profit


We are able to share our net profit as maximum of 80% and share the profit by Ethereum.


Currency, Metal, Commodity, CFD Index, Crypto-currency, Option


Technical and Fundamental based research and analysis with High accuracy signals.


+37 Stock Exchanges, +20000 Stocks, +200 ETFs, +200 Bonds and Futures.


MGLTOKEN vs USD trading fee is 50% lower.

Solutions of the Platform

If you use MGL All-in-One Platform

All-in-One platform is merging 3 different markets into only one and allowing to invest more than 30000 instruments with only one account. For example CFD indexs, Stocks, Commodities are +9000 and Futures are +200 and Stocks are +19000 including ETF +3000, Bond +40. Also Forex +110 and Crypto +100

  • Decentralized Platform
  • Safe Operation and Easy Registration
  • Don’t need to have multiple accounts on different brokers.
  • No permission during transfer balance between markets
  • Never late any changes on different markets
  • Daily High Accurancy Market Analysis
  • Low fee, High Profit

Our Goal

Absolute investing service for everyone

Easy to use application from everywhere around the world.

MGLTOKEN will be your best digital asset.


Distibution of Tokens

Token structure

  • We will take responsibility to crowdsale funds where it allocated by international audit.
  • MGLTOKEN holders will receive any of funds info where it been spent.
  • Business solution to constant increase of token value.
  • Experienced team to great Company.

Road map

If you use MGL All-in-One Platform

  1. “Mgl Forex Financial Services” LLC established

    2016 2Q

    Forex brokerage firm started with continual clients.

  2. Our Project Idea

    2017 4Q

    As we have going through the Forex market brokerage firm, we had great problems from client side and our side. So we have decide it as for more easily for both of us to making All-in-One platform without any permission from us. Client only have privilege to transfer his or her account balances to different.

  3. MGL Token ICO

    18 May 2018-18 July 2018

    Duting the crowdfunding we will negotiate with cryptoexchanges to list our Token and make statement. MGL All-in-One platform development will start.

  4. MGL token listing on Our crypto exchanges

    1 Aug 2018- 15 Sep 2018

    MGL token listing on crypto exchanges including MGL BROKER crypto exchange. MGL all-in-one platform development /Beta version test/. Mobile application development /Beta version test/

  5. Acquisition of special licenses

    2018 3Q

    Get licenses from FRC (international and domestic trading brokerage, dealer, underwriter, investment consultant)

  6. MGL all-in-one platform, mobile application launch

    2018 4Q

    .MGL all-in-one platform service start.Introduce comprehensive financial services to our investors and customers. Introducing and marketing our products and services to customers and investors.

  7. International Audit

    2019 1Q

    Audit of financial statements by international auditors (Deloitte, Ernst and Young ...) ICO funding audited and released to token holders.


MGLToken Contract Address

The following address is for the MGL token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Please Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.



Tell a friend MGLTOKEN

If your referral buys MGLTOKEN with 1BTC, we will give you 10% of 1BTC in to your dashboard. Yet, once SOFTCAP reached, you can withdraw 0.1BTC if not you can only buy MGLTOKEN. For the same procedure applies to ETH, USD, and MNT. For example: Your referral buys MGLTOKEN with $1000, you will get $100 in your dashboard temporary. Whether, once SOFTGAP reached you can withdraw it, if not you cannot withdraw your $100 but you can buy MGLTOKEN for amount that you desired.


Our teams

Our Advisors